Council Members Of NCBM:

1. Mdm. Jasmine Khoo Khin Sheen – President, NCBM (neutral position).

2. Dato’ Dr. Hsiung Kwo Yeun – Vice-President of NCBM; President representing Sarawak Society for the Blind

3. Mr. James Lau Kung Wuong – Hon. Treasurer, NCBM, Delegate of the Sarawak Society for the Blind, SKSB.

4. Mr. Jimmy Ng Kich Sheng – Secretary of NCBM; Delegate, Sabah Society for the Blind, SHSB

5. Bishop Charles Samuel – Representing St. Nicholas’ Home, Penang

6. Datuk Rosalind Chew Bee Koh – President, Sabah Society for the Blind, SHSB.

7. Dato’ Ganesan Supayah– Executive Director Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB)

8. En. Mohd. Mustaza Mohamad Zin – representing Society of the Blind, Malaysia (SBM)

9.. Dato’ Dr. Sharom Ahmat– Representing St. Nicholas’ Home, Penang

10. Loh Kong Ken – representing , Society of the Blind in Malaysia.(SBM) Co-opted Chairpersons of committees:

11. Dr. Wong Huey Siew – Chairman, Committee on Employment and Economic Empowerment CEEE (Rep. .

12. Dr. Choong Yean Yaw – Chairman, Committee on Wellness and Prevention of Blindness, CWPB.

13. Dr. Kway Eng Hock – Chairman, Committee on Education, COE. Auditors

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