Tourism in Malaysia

Tourism in Malaysia

NCBM is promoting an inclusive tourism in Malaysia and South East Asia; and is therefore partnering with interested organisations to make sites and events accessible to the BVI’s (Blind and Visually Impaired). NCBM is looking for more partners throughout Malaysia to help develop your site/event becoming inclusive for the BVI’s.

At present NCBM can recommend the following sites. Kindly note to take direct contact with the sites involved for more information or to arrange for audio descriptive visits. Please refer to our website as your source of information. Thanks.

George Town, Penang:

– A 3 hour heritage walk in this UNESCO World Heritage City, conducted by specialised heritage guides trained by NCBM in Audio Description and interaction with BVI’s.
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– An audio description tour of the Sun Yat Sen Museum by a guide trained by NCBM in audio description
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– The Church of St George the Martyr, is the oldest Anglican church in South East Asia. Audio descriptive tours are available by a guide trained by NCBM in Audio Description.
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Kuching, Sarawak:

– Friends of Sarawak Museum is working to make the Chinese History Museum in Kuching BVI accessible – target date is mid 2016.

– Sarawak Museum is building a complete new museum in Kuching which is
due to open 2020. NCBM is already involved from the early start to help
make this museum a benchmark for an inclusive museum visit.

Do you know of other sites/events that are inclusive for BVI’s and not yet listed here?
Kindly inform us at